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I couldn’t resist posting a few more photos of Joel Kinnaman, aka “Stephen Holder” from AMC’s The Killing. Note the first photo shows his bare arms, which have remained hidden in his coat sleeves for the several episodes I have watched to date. I didn’t know he had tats! Very sexy.

The more I watch this series, and the more I look at “Stephen” the more I fall for this guy. 

Joel Kinnaman as “Stephen Holder” from the AMC series The Killing.

I discovered this series recently, and really got hooked on it. Very moody, very introspective series. I really fell for the Stephen Holder character. He’s a diamond in the rough; he used to work undercover for narcotics, where he had to have a lot of street smarts, and now he’s working homicide. The transition isn’t easy for him, but it turns out that a lot of the skills he has from his time working the streets come in useful in a murder investigation.

Holder has a real rough-trade vibe going on, and I guess for me that is the attraction. Not my normal type, but he qualifies as a beautiful man in my book!

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